The BrandPress extracts the essence of your business idea into a meaningful brand persona.

Build the Identity You Need

Pinpoint key traits for unifying the voice and message of your brand that can also be used to establish a strong visual identity.


The exercises in the BrandPress are designed to pinpoint the personality traits your new brand should emulate.

Time Saving

The BrandPress identifies your brand persona quickly so you can worry about everything else you need to do.


Get started with a unified voice and brand message based on the direction of your custom brand persona.

Screenshot of an adjective exercise

Meaningful Exercises

Based on years of research and practice.

All the exercises in the BrandPress are carefully constructed upon principles of psychology and founded on years of industry research and practice, thereby increasing the likelihood of generating an emotional response from your target audience.

Screenshot of an analogy exercise

Powerful Metaphors

Defining a rich and authentic brand.

Several exercises employ powerful metaphors to help you extract a persona that will resonate with your target audience, allowing you to have a higher level of influence. All while remaining true to the integrity and authenticity of your company.

  • The initial evaluation was designed in a way that was structured, focused, and entertaining, leading to a design that executed the vision and vibe of the business perfectly. I am so pleased and impressed! Trina Perez - Buzzed Coffee.

  • BrandPress is a must for entrepreneurs, especially those just getting started. I’m glad I went to the experts and got things started the right way! Spencer Harman - Entrepreneur

  • With BrandPress, you throw a client in one end with all of their ethereal, foggy, fickle ideas, and out pops a ready-made Betty Crocker brand cake on the other. Ben Zurcher - Designer.

  • BrandPress forces clients to take that gut feeling they have and define it in tangible, actionable design terms. All of the murky, conflicting descriptions and email threads crystallize into solid brand guidelines, complete with archetypes and visual examples. Ben Zurcher – Designer.

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