About The Brandpress

The origin of the specialized exercises.

Built on experience
The foundation of the Brandpress was used by award winning agencies and designers for decades. Based on methods conceived by world renowned Marc Gobé and his Emotional Branding techniques, these specialized exercises were developed over the years, combining concepts from Marty Neumeier (The Brand Gap) and Alina Wheeler (Designing Brand Identity). After years of research and practice administering the exercises with clients in-person, Mac Galeano took it upon himself to automate the process and make it available to more designers.

After discovering The Hero and the Outlaw by Margaret Mark & Carol S. Pearson, Mac found a framework that could standardize the results, thereby allowing the exercises to scale to a wider range of designers. By tying the exercises to archetypes and personality traits from human psychology, not only are the results repeatable, they are also much more meaningful.


  • Emotional Branding by Marc Gobé
  • The Brand Gap by Mary Neumeier
  • Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler
  • The Hero and the Outlaw by Margaret Mark & Carol S. Pearson
  • The Power of Myth by Joseph Cambell